Soldier Gets Deployed In The Middle Of Painting His House, So Look Who Shows Up To Finish The Job

Any quick glance at the news gives you one terrible stereotype of young people: privileged, whiny, lazy, childish idiots. Because there’s no other possible reason that college campuses across the nation could spend so much time protesting moronic trivialities.

Our country’s universities are mass-producing snowflakes. And that, sadly, is both the truth, and the reason why few Americans respect millennials.

Thank God for the exceptions. And today’s story has quite a few of them.

Because when a community member was shuffled off to war, these kids didn’t get together to protest the military-industrial complex, or drown out free speech, or call him a baby-killer. Not at all.

Rather, they painted his house.

And they felt blessed to do so. Everything about this story gives me hope for the future.

The Independent Journal Review reports:

William Cookson, a resident of Salina, Kansas, started painting his house, but was unable to finish before being deployed to Kuwait with the Kansas Army National Guard.

The Diesel Technology Program stepped up and all 40 of their students came out to volunteer and paint the rest of the house.

We shouldn’t stereotype. But let’s be clear – several American technical colleges are the last hope for a generation that would otherwise wither. They give hope for a job, life skills, and a fresh future for those who don’t have any of that.

The Diesel Technology Program at Salina Area Technical College is no different. And the instructors there are well aware of just how crucial their instruction is.

We want them to have professional skills, soft skills, time management skills, but also to become contributing members of society in community engagement ways.”

In short, ‘we have a group of kids who are eager to learn. We need to teach them how to be the best citizens they can be.’

Which means, in summation, ‘helping out those whose sacrifices make our freedoms possible.’

And these kids? They get it.

“We have young men and women out there giving up their freedom and their time to take care of our rights. To take the morning off of class to paint their houses? This is our way of giving back.”

You guys get more about being American than the kids at Ivy League schools.

More power to you. And thank you.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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