Security Breach: Look Who Just Snuck A Spy Into President Trump’s Event…Donald’s Life Is At Stake!

Let’s talk journalistic ethics – if I want to gain access to an event, I generally need a press pass to do so. Now, there are certain occasions when I’ll need to sneak in somewhere to get a story no one else wants told, but those situations are rare, indeed.

And there’s a code surrounding them – if I’m using lies and deceit to gain access to information, it had better be important information, and it had better not put anyone else in danger.

That’s journalistic ethics, folks. Of course, since it’s ‘ethics,’ the Left wants nothing to do with it.

The Left is a big group of lying liars. Their skill in this regard is going to destroy the country. Also, it may have already put President Trump in danger.

I apologize for the rant, but it’s important: a woman snuck into a Republican retreat on Thursday, gaining access to nearly all high-profile Republicans in President Trump’s inner circle, and possibly even Trump himself.

The president is still figuring out how she did it, and how she managed to break through security. And, make no mistake – a security breach is dangerous indeed.

RightWing News reports: “there’s been a breach and a mysterious, unidentified woman is at the head of it. This ‘spy’ under investigation apparently impersonated the wife of a GOP lawmaker in order to gain access to a congressional Republican retreat in Philadelphia.

Inside the retreat, the woman was able to gather audio of the dealings and meetings that ensued, and soon leaked it after. …the intruder even bypassed security to reach the Vice President, which raises major security concerns on how this woman got in. It was not at once clear if she was also in attendance for the session with Trump, who had spoken beforehand.”

Let’s be blunt – finding out how America’s enemies are going to break our security measures is difficult enough. We don’t need reporters giving them ideas.

And the ‘news’ this ‘reporter’ was reporting? Nothing more than the audio from Republicans sitting around a table, hashing out a plan to fix Obamacare. That…that was the ‘breaking news’ that was worth an insanely dangerous breach of security.

“The audio that was leaked to several media outlets reveals the discussions between various GOP lawmakers on the topic of Obamacare. Many voices were heard covering the concerns…on what they would replace it with and how incredibly difficult it will be to do so.”

Health care is complicated, and it takes a few meetings to fix properly? Wow. Shocking, breaking news, everyone. I hope this security breach was worth that little gem.

Source: RightWing News

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