Boom: He’s Ready To Send In The Feds…Rahm Is Furious!

After a long while, Democrat lies get quite repetitive. And typical conservative replies, chock full as they are of facts and statistics, quite often prove powerless.

It’s hard to beat down a simple, easily digested falsehood with a more complicated and rigorous truth. People, in general, always prefer the simplistic. That, in itself, explains liberals completely.

So, I propose a new strategy: when confronted with a liberal lie, just have a one-word answer ready. And be prepared to repeat it as many times as possible, until the liberal quits trying to lie.

And, as an example, I give you this: Chicago. Just that. Chicago.

Let’s try it out. To the whiney claim of ‘gun control is needed to protect people from gun violence!’

Ready, conservatives? “Chicago.” Now, walk off.

‘But…but, so many people are dying of –“



Chicago, Chicago, Chicago. And…exit stage left.

In related news, Chicago’s getting bad.

President Donald Trump has taken notice, and given Mayor Rahm Emanual an ultimatum – fix the problem, or I will. And the problem is severe indeed. ZeroHedge provides a fantastic overview, with graphs, of the way that crime levels have consistently and violently risen from previous years. In short, for “those Chicagoans hoping that 2017 would bring with it a new era of peace and civility among residents after the city suffered an incredibly violent 2016 in which homicides claimed the lives of over 800 people, it may be time to reset those expectations.  So far in 2017, Chicago is on track to record the most violent opening month of the past two decades, even exceeding the extremely violent 2016 levels.

According to the Chicago Tribune, at least 228 people have already been shot in 2017, compared to 216 during the same period last year, with 44 homicides.”

In news that will shock no one, most of the murders are in gang-infested areas. Ironic, indeed – for all that liberal whining about cops unfairly targeting minority neighborhoods, those neighborhoods are suffering the most from the Left’s failure to intervene and help.

Part of the problem here is, of course, simple Leftist idiocy – if you think cops are the problem, you’ll go after cops. Which leaves gangs, impotent gun control laws, and disarmed policemen free to make the problem worse. Thank God for Trump, and a clear-sighted ability to see the obvious: the problem with so many gang murders is that cops don’t have the backing to go in and stop the gangs.

Trump has already proven he’s ready to back good cops. The only thing that remains is for Emanuel to take him up on it.

Otherwise, Donald will take over. And I guarantee that that will be a short fight.

Source: ZeroHedge

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