Residents Decide They’ve Had It After 400,000 Illegals Cross Their Border, Come Up With Best Idea Ever

Sometimes we forget that DC has no common sense – and we forget, as well, that most of us do.

For the sake of progress, we really ought to remember those things.

Fact is, most of the disconnect between the government and the people just comes down to this: people in government have never had to make it on their own, as private citizens. They’ve never had to see Common Sense in action.

So, when a problem has a commonsense solution, and politicians don’t see it? Don’t blame them – they just can’t see it.

Like, for example, the idea that a fence will keep people out. That is what fences are for, believe it or not. Prisons have them, and they work.

Hungary has one, and it works.

The Conservative Tribune reports:

In 2015, Hungary responded to the surge of migrants with a border fence. Nothing fancy — just a double fenced topped with barbed wire with armed security. Believe it or not, that was all it took to begin to see an almost immediate drop in the number of immigrants attempting to cross the border.

[The] fences amounted to a reduction in illegal crossings to the tune of 99 percent.

There’s a common theme here with all things Trump. It goes like this: ‘Trump said something outrageous! Well, maybe the Mainstream Media blew it out of proportion, but it was still outrageous! Wait, maybe Trump was right!’

Here, it goes like this: ‘Trump said build a wall! Well, he said that Walls Work, but he said it in a mean way! Wait, walls work!’

Huh. Trump was right, again. Walls work.

And it’s not like they’re super-expensive, either – just in case you were thinking, ‘wait, but isn’t our wall going to cost billions?’

Hardly. Hungary’s didn’t. They just put up a fence with some wire. That’s it.

And the fact that we can’t find room in a budget for something that cheap tells you just how much Congressional Republicans really aren’t willing to work with the president.

Because there’s been several attempts to legally secure funding, and each time the issue comes up, it’s Republicans, and not just Democrats, that dig in their heels and say, ‘no!’

(Paul Ryan is at the top of that list, by the way.)

DC has lost its common sense. Thank God Trump is putting it back.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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