Before GOP Baseball Shooting, Republicans Were Approached By Shooter And Asked 1 Terrifying Question

It’s finally happened – the violent rhetoric of the left is finally coming home to roost.

Yesterday, pundits everywhere were discussing one thing only – the DC shooter, a man who opened fire on Congressman during a baseball practice. Roughly five people were shot, including Virginia Republican Steve Scalise, the House Majority Whip.

Naturally, since it was DC, and because it was Congressman, the first question on everyone’s mind was this: was it a politically-motivated shooting? Did all that anti-Trump rhetoric finally convince someone to grab a gun and go to town?

It’s a question for which we finally have an answer: yes. Because this shooter asked one question before returning to open fire – if the people on the baseball fields were Republicans or Democrats.

And when he heard ‘Republicans,’ he returned with intent to kill.

The Independent Journal Review reports:

Before gunshots rang out during a Congressional Baseball Game practice, Reps. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) and Ron DeSantis (R-FL) say they were approached by a man with a question.

The man asked the lawmakers if those were “Republicans or Democrats” on the field. DeSantis said he found the question “a little odd.”

But after Duncan and DeSantis saw a photo of alleged shooter James T. Hodgkinson, the interaction is now downright chilling.

Both congressmen said Wednesday they believe the man who approached them was indeed the shooter.

The Left everywhere is acting surprised. They shouldn’t be.

Fact is, the shooter, James Hodgkinson, wasn’t some lone nut. He was a Bernie Sanders supporter. He loved the Rachel Maddow show.

He lived, breathed, and ate the Mainstream Media’s buffet of Fake News. And now he’s shot someone.

You can’t continually feed someone a message of anger and expect them not to one day act on it.

As the Left comes back today with a counter-message, watch for the signs – the shooter will be called ‘mentally ill.’ There will be talk about gun control. There will be talk about Trump’s ‘incendiary rhetoric,’ and any other distracting topic they can find.

But the real issue here is simple – someone shot a Congressman, after liberals everywhere had been calling Republicans evil. This isn’t rocket science.

Bernie, to his credit, disavowed the shooter. Let’s hope he’s followed by more from the Left.

But until then, remember this: you can’t make calls for unity unless you’re willing to own up to things you’ve said, and lies you’ve told.

I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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