President Trump Just Fulfilled Another Campaign Promise — And Nobody Seemed To Notice

Donald Trump just fulfilled another campaign promise, and it’s a good bet that no one in the mainstream media even noticed it.

Even conservative media barely noticed it.

Tick through the standard list of Trump promises – lowering taxes? Check. Creating jobs? Check. Crushing ISIS? Check.

Of course, ISIS isn’t the only terrorist group out there. And Trump promised to combat all terrorism until our country was safe. Which means that, at some point, the commander-in-chief was going to approve operations against some new and emerging terrorist threat.

And he just did …

We’re fighting terrorists in Somalia, folks. And we’ll be doing it for at least two years without a hitch.

You can thank your president.

The Daily Caller reports:

The Pentagon is planning to battle Islamic terrorists in Somalia for at least two more years, a proposal allowed under new rules signed by President Donald Trump.

These new rules allow the Pentagon to engage in operations outside regular war zones, and so now the Pentagon has forwarded a plan for approval citing those exact rules to continue hitting al-Shabab and the Islamic State in Somalia for years to come.

The Pentagon has conducted 30 airstrikes against Islamic militants in 2017, twice the number from 2016. That high figure will likely continue into 2018.

The most important thing to note here? ‘Outside regular war zones.’

This means that Trump can keep battling terrorists without a lengthy Congressional approval. It’s legal, and necessary, and good.

Besides, lately the Swamp can’t be trusted to approve fighting terrorists. The Swamp couldn’t even repeal Obamacare. Shame.

This operation, however, doesn’t need Congress. Trump is all it needs. And Trump is willing and ready.

The Pentagon wants to continue operations for at least two years without input from other agencies…the State Department would lose authority to suspend military operations in Somalia.

In short, no more interference. Just get it done.

In other words, classic Trump. =)

Thank you, Mr. President!

Source: Daily Caller

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