The Pentagon Is Hiding Certain Details About War Against A Major Enemy, Here’s Why

President Donald Trump offers up a common sense approach to things, and that’s a big part of his appeal among supporters.

He’s been quite transparent about the things that need to be changed as well. Alarmingly, many of the things that need to be changed are so glaringly simple that you seriously need to question the wisdom and capabilities of those that came before him.

Even more concerning, many of those things have to with our nation’s ability to defend itself. Thankfully, Trump has made it crystal clear that he will allow our nation’s military leaders to do what they do best without micromanagement.  

The Washington Examiner shares the details on another simple change that he shouldn’t have had to have made in the first place.

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The latest quarterly report to Congress by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, or SIGAR, contains a disclaimer that the U.S. military command In Afghanistan has now classified metrics that have been routinely reported for years.

“In a significant development this quarter, U.S. Forces-Afghanistan classified or otherwise restricted information SIGAR has until now publicly reported,” the report states.

“These include important measures of [Afghan National Defense and Security Forces] performance such as casualties, personnel strength, attrition, capability assessments, and operational readiness of equipment.”

You can almost hear the shock and outrage that will inevitably come from the anti-Trump forces in the mainstream media and in the nation’s capital.

How dare the Trump administration not advertise exactly what they’re going to be doing on the military front!

As Trump has pointed out a number of times, there’s a no brainer reason why we shouldn’t.  

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Part of the strategy is to no longer release any tactical information that would provide aid or comfort to the enemy, according to Defense Secretary Jim Mattis.

“In talking with the American people, we will tell them we are adding the troops. We’ll give approximate numbers. We’re not hiding this,” Mattis testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on the new Afghanistan strategy Oct 3.

“But I’d rather not say the specific capabilities or the specific numbers or the location on the battlefield.”

Allow all of that to sink in for a moment. While our nation’s leaders should absolutely be held accountable when things go awry, Mattis actually has to explain to the higher-ups the importance of not advertising specifics when it comes to sensitive military operations.

Is he supposed to sit down with a mainstream outlet and tell them exactly what’s going to happen and when it’s going to take place so that they can blare it out to the world?

We’ve already seen a certain leader do that on a number of occasions. For those that are short on memory of those instances, it didn’t work out too swimmingly.   

Source: Washington Examiner

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