WHAT?! Pelosi Loses It At DREAM Act Event, Yells Out 1 Shocking Demand To Illegal Immigrants

Mark my words: it’s a rare occasion on which I’ll defend Nancy Pelosi. Rare.

In fact, this may be the only time.

It’s not like we need to recap why, of course. Pelosi’s agenda would take away guns, encourage voter fraud, keep people poor, keep people lazy, and give up every US strength to China, Russia, and Iran. It’s good reason to yell at her.

But when she’s finally working with Trump?

Well, then I just might defend her if the yelling is coming from DREAM Act supporters.

The Daily Caller reports:

A group of undocumented protesters shouted down House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi at a community event on Monday for working with President Trump to pass the DREAM Act.

Pelosi responded to the outburst in impolitic fashion, yelling for the protesters to “Stop it!”

Of course, Pelosi didn’t react this way right away. Like most naïve liberals, she was under the impression that everyone could just talk it out, if only they tried.

After the initial outburst from protesters, Pelosi tried to regain control of the event.

“Let me say this, because you’ve had your say, and it’s beautiful to our ears to hear you protecting your self dignity,” Pelosi began.

Sooner or later, every liberal learns the same thing – not everything can be just ‘talked out.’ In fact, most things can’t.

“No lip service!” the demonstrators chanted.

“Stop it. Just stop it now,” Pelosi repeated over and over.

(Well…that escalated quickly.)

I confess, part of me is torn while watching this video.

Because, while it’s great to see people yell at Pelosi, they’re yelling at her now because she finally stopped being an all-the-time obstructionist and started working with Trump.

And given how hard that can be for prideful Democrats, I’d say that anyone who moves towards Trump needs to be encouraged. You never know when they’re going to skitter away, like some sort of frightened rabbit, as soon as trouble comes.

It’s too bad more in the Democratic Party don’t have the balls to simply follow their conscience, and work with the president to accomplish good things. No matter what they think of him, or Republicans.

Pelosi, strangely enough, might actually have those…balls. She did yell back, after all. Although, being a lib, she probably had a lot of practice. Screaming about things seems to come naturally.

It’s just strange to see her use them when she is finally working with our president, rather than against him.

Source: Daily Caller

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