Military Experts Stunned Over New Satellite Images Showing North Korea’s Terrifying ‘Constructions’

As it turns out, North Korea’s building chops go way beyond just missiles – and now US intelligence is wondering what in the world they’re doing.

The dictatorship’s dear leader Kim Jong-un has been busy threatening the United States for a while now. (And threatening anyone who insults him. But that’s a long list.) And Korea’s missile tests show one thing – those threats are deadly serious. When Kim builds weapons, we pay attention.

But when he builds islands? That’s just weird. Unless, you know…they’re used to launch more missiles.

The Los Angeles Times reports:

North Korea is building artificial islands in the Yellow Sea and topping them with what appear to be military installations, satellite images reveal.

The development suggests that North Korea has taken a cue from China, which has been stoking regional tensions by building and militarizing several artificial islands in the South China Sea in recent years.

Mind you, that’s a frightening comparison. China’s island-building in the South China Sea is something conservatives have been certain will one day start world war three. Former Breitbart editor and White House advisor Stephen Bannon have been predicting this for years.

So another island-building country, right in the middle of tensions with the US, is something to be worried about.

Here’s the thing, though: while we’re pretty sure the islands are for missiles, all we have are satellite photos. There’s no confirmation. Quite frankly, we’re not completely sure what they’re used for at all.

Agriculture, perhaps? That’s what Korea says, at least.

From the Conservative Tribune:

…the government insisted that the islands were part of a land reclamation project begun in 2012. North Korea’s official state media mouthpiece, KCNA, reported that the islands are “equal to an area of a county” and are home to fish, duck and oyster farms.

However, Steve Sin — a University of Maryland researcher on unconventional weapons and technology — [said] “the North Koreans build just about everything for dual purpose.”

“So, building something that is of military use on an agricultural project is certainly within its usual pattern.”

Well, fantastic. Even the best-case scenario still involves missiles.

North Korea’s threats of war have always been taken seriously. But building artificial island military missile launch sites shows us just how serious they are.

But on the bright side, it’s a lot easier to bomb a fake island and not kill civilians than it is to bomb the mainland. Which means we have easy Target #1 if things get out of hand.

Thanks, Kim.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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