You Won’t Believe This INSANE New Rule That Keeps Criminal Illegals From Being Deported

Trump has been laying down the law for Sanctuary Cities. But now, those cities are hitting back.

This little war might last longer than we thought. Liberal resistance to Trump isn’t going to die off soon.

We reported a few days ago about Trump and Sessions cutting off funding for Sanctuary Cities all over the US. It was meant to be a final ‘nail in the coffin’ for state and local officials who still choose to defy US law.

Well, at least one city still has a few tricks up its sleeve. And it’s working hard to change city law so that no officials have to comply with federal orders.

Denver’s gone off the deep end, folks. The Left has taken over.

The Washington Post reports:

As the Trump administration’s war on “sanctuary cities” heats up, cities have come up with increasingly creative ways to fight back.

The latest example comes from Denver, which just passed a law aimed at protecting legal immigrants from being deported for committing relatively petty crimes, those carrying maximum sentences of 365 days — the federal government’s tripwire for kicking people out.

The city’s solution? Simply take a bunch of those relatively petty offenses and reduce the maximum penalty to less than 365 days. Just like that, the move takes the crimes (and their perpetrators) off the radar of immigration authorities.

Mind you, the Post is ultra-liberal. So we should probably translate this into commonsense English.

First, as the Daily Wire points out, these crimes aren’t ‘petty.’ Sometimes they include domestic violence. That’s nothing short of very serious.

Second, the whole point of the federal law was to find illegal immigrants, not to find people who had committed minor crimes (as if such a thing actually existed).

Pretending Trump and Sessions are being cruel by twisting the truth, and saying that he’s coming after people who have committed traffic violations, is a blatant lie.

They’re coming after people who are breaking our immigration law. The ‘petty crimes’ part is just a means to that end.

But more importantly, Denver’s efforts to ‘redefine’ what is and isn’t a crime are going to hurt its own citizens.

You can’t make people not criminals just by changing the definition of what ‘criminal’ is. That’s…just stupid.

Which defines liberal immigration policy, in a nutshell.

Source: DailyMail

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