Republicans Introduce New Bill, Has All Sanctuary City Officials Shaking In Their Boots

Sanctuary Cities are probably making you furious. Especially right now.

The arguments don’t need much reviewing – liberal governors, sheriffs, and mayors have taken it upon themselves to defy federal law, and refuse to enforce illegal immigration laws. And they haven’t been civil about it.

Trump has asked them to reconsider. Sessions has asked them to reconsider. And then the gloves started to come off.

Sessions cut funding. Trump threatened to take further action. Sanctuary Cities, Counties, and States refused. Even the death of Steinle wasn’t enough to show them the truth.

Fact is, even without funding, Sanctuary Cities aren’t going to obey the law. And you’re probably wondering the same thing the rest of us are: why aren’t these politicians in jail?

It’s a good question. Truthfully, the answer’s this: because we don’t have a law putting them there.

Until now.

The Daily Caller reports:

Indiana Republican Rep. Todd Rokita has introduced a bill to punish elected officials in sanctuary cities that refuse to cooperate with federal officials in enforcing U.S. immigration laws.

The bill will levy up to $1 million fines and up to five year imprisonment against such authorities.

The Stopping Lawless Actions of Politicians Act was prompted by last week’s acquittal of Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, an illegal immigrant who was charged with the shooting death of Kate Steinle.

San Francisco prevented federal authorities from deporting Zarate — even though he had been deported on five previous occasions.

Before we applaud Rep. Rokita, we should probably hang our heads in shame that such a law even needs to be drafted.

Obeying the orders of the president and the federal government should be a no-brainer for local and state politicians. We shouldn’t have to point out that it must be done. And we absolutely shouldn’t have to make a law to enforce it.

Libs aren’t going to obey any law unless there’s a serious threat of punishment. It’s just that simple.

And Rokita’s bill is the perfect punishment. Instead of simply defunding Sanctuary Cities, the SLAPA gives out individual fines. Sanctuary Mayors and Sheriffs will personally owe the government $1 million, in addition to prison time. And that’s hitting them where it hurts.

It’s one thing to take more taxpayer money to pay a fine. It’s another to raid your own bank account.

Keep watching Rokita. He’s making the right moves.

Source: Daily Caller

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