Muslims Call 911 After What They Find In College Bathroom, Police Say “We’re Taking…

It’s a known fact that many Muslims in America enjoy freedoms they would deny to the rest of us.

Many of them lived in nations that denied them basic human rights, like freedom of speech or religion. In fact, many of their families converted to Islam long ago, because they had no other choice (aside from being put to death).

Often they flock to the United States to avoid such oppression and to enjoy true freedom.

Yet while they enjoy the freedom of religion, expression, and protections of the United States government, they are quick to attack and demonize anyone that does not follow their religion, or has the audacity to criticize it.

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In fact, they often drag the police into problems, in the hopes that the government will infringe on other citizens’ rights.

We saw this in Minnesota, where a Muslim woman called the cops on an old man who dared challenge her beliefs. She had no problem expressing her beliefs in public, but when this man expressed his, she wanted him to go to jail. Hardly equal rights.

Yet thanks to the pathetic policies of the left, more and more Muslims are behaving like entitled, spoiled babies.

They have been pampered by liberals who’ve painted them as a victimized minority, who for some reason deserve special protection in our society. Never mind the fact that their religion brings persecution and oppression wherever it takes root.

But such is the case in one Texas school, when a harmless prank ruffled Muslim feathers.

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From My Right America:

As CBS DFW reports, someone had placed several copies of the Quran in a few of the [University of Texas at Dallas’] toilets, prompting quick and furious outrage over the matter from students like Mohammad Syed.

Of course, knowledge of the situation rapidly spread, along with the outrage, after the student who found the books in the toilet snapped a few pictures and put them online.

Before long, students had gone down to the school administrators office to tell them what happened, which reportedly resulted in an immediate call to 911. As one would imagine, police responded – but things would take a rather odd turn once they arrived.

Rather than telling the school to stop wasting the time and resources of police for something so ridiculous, they’re “taking the matter seriously.” According to NBC 5 DFW, officers have launched an investigation into the matter as some people have begun to call this a “hate crime.”

We already know that this isn’t a hate crime, as hate crime laws protect individuals who are violently attacked. Nobody was hurt in this prank. Feelings may have been bruised, but our laws don’t care about your feelings.

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At worst this can be construed as a case of vandalism, as those toilets could have been blocked up by those books. They’re used to handling much less toxic refuse.

But just imagine the stupidity of the outraged Muslims. They were so quick to call the cops over a harmless and ridiculous prank. What if it was the other way around and some Muslim or atheist kids put a few Bibles in the toilets?

If the Christian kids complained to the school, would they have called the police? Or would they have told the students to just suck it up?

The only reason the cowardly school and equally cowardly cops are making so much of this, is because they’ve been brainwashed to believe Muslims in America are a weak minority, harassed by cruel Christians.

I’m sorry, but are Christians blowing up airports and gunning down people at nightclubs? Are Christians raping women across Europe or calling for the death of Western society?

Considering that radical Islamic terrorism continues to thrive around the world, the Muslim community has a lot to answer for. Their pathetic attempts at appearing victimized won’t work, considering they victimize millions of people around world.

Oh, so a stupid kid put a few Qurans in the toilet. Big deal. Christians in Muslim nations face jail time and death for their faith. Not an equal exchange.

It’s time for the United States to stop babying a group of people that would see the destruction of our freedoms and liberty, had they the chance.

Source: Mad World News

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