Michelle Obama Spent Over 1 Million Tax Dollars A Year – But Look What Melania Trump Is Spending

There are certain things in life that tell you a lot about a person.

Things like: how much of other people’s money are you willing to spend on yourself if given the chance?

Well apparently, Michelle Obama took FULL advantage of her time at the Whitehouse during those eight long, grueling years….

Guess how many people she needed to help take care of her on a daily basis?


Yes, sixteen — 16. What did they all even do?

I mean let’s be honest… we KNOW that they couldn’t have been helping put together that terrible meal-plan for our school kids. It was far too bad.

We KNOW they certainly weren’t helping take care of the daughters who haven’t been able to keep out of the scandal spotlight recently. Last, we KNOW they couldn’t have been helping out with her wardrobe either. Lol!

Together, Michelle’s entourage all cost us taxpayers over $1.2 Million a year.

So then the question becomes, how much is Melania’s staff costing us?

Surely a woman who comes from a wealthy family is used to a certain level of class and style and would most likely need dozens and dozens of staff to keep her primped and perfect — right?


According to Fox News:

“This year, just four people were listed working for Melania Trump as of June. Their salaries totaled $486,700”

Yes that’s right — Melania’s staff is costing taxpayers under HALF of what Michelle cost us every year for eight long years.

Is anyone else happy with the change? I know I am.

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Source: Fox News 

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