Court Delivers Stunning Ruling On Mandatory Refugee Relocation, These 2 Places Will Now Be Forced To…

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – when liberals have control of the courts, they can change the country from the inside out, little by little. Or, in this case, countries.

We’ve seen this play out in the US, on a small scale. Maybe a business is forced to bake a cake. Maybe a nunnery is forced to provide contraception.

But forcing a country to do something against its will? That’s another thing entirely.

In related news, Hungary and Slovakia are being forced by the EU to take in migrants they do not want. And I do mean ‘forced.’

The Daily Caller reports:

The European Union’s top court rejected a legal challenge Wednesday against a mandatory migrant relocation deal set in 2015.

The Court overruled Hungary and Slovakia’s objections against migrant quotas. Hungary and Slovakia were only slated to take less than 2,000 migrants, but they refused to abide by the decision. Slovakia has accepted about a dozen and Hungary has completely shut the door.­

Hungary wasn’t happy.

“Politics has raped European law and values” said [Hungarian Minister] Peter Szijjarto.

At the top of that list of values is national sovereignty – the right to decide exactly what your country can or can’t do.

According to the EU, Hungary and Slovakia can’t keep migrants out. They can’t even put up a fence – not that that stopped Hungary from building one. And sending Europe the bill.

It’s easy to see this issue as just a matter of national security (for conservatives). Or as just a matter of overt racism (for liberals).

But the truth is this: anytime you have a group of countries sitting around, making agreements with each other, and signing pacts, you’re going to have future trouble.

Because the day will come when one country really doesn’t want the deal anymore. And if that country is forced, it loses sovereignty. If it breaks the deal, it loses trust. It’s a lose-lose game.

The real problem is large-scale alliances between nations. It started World War I back in the day. And it’s the same liberal game, played out with countries instead of people – in a nutshell, ‘we know what’s best for you, and we’ll decide.’

And the best solution is simply to leave.

It’s why Britain left. And Brexit may well be the best thing for the country in decades.

Hungary and Slovakia are learning this the hard way.

Source: Daily Caller

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