Man On Train Opens Bible And Reads It Out Loud, Christians Everywhere In Disbelief At What Happens Next

Libs hate conservative values. It’s a fact.

We’ve plenty of examples in the US. But nothing even close to a story coming out of leftish London today.

Because most American liberals will destroy property, burn things, and scream to protest conservative values.

But Londoners? They’ll jump out of a train.

Breitbart reports:

Commuters travelling in South-West London experienced delays Monday morning after passengers on a train forced open the doors and ran onto the tracks to escape a man with a bible.

The passenger started reading lines from the bible. Another passenger asked the man to stop because he was “scaring” others, but it was already too late and panic had set in.

There’s always a moment, when reading a story I just can’t believe, where I think to myself, ‘there’s got to be more than this.’ Maybe the preacher looked crazy, pumped full of drugs. And dangerous.

After all, wouldn’t it take something like that to make passengers jump out of a train?

Sadly, no. The preacher looked immaculate.

The “well-spoken and calm” preacher started reading from the Old Testament. [He] was questioned by police but was found to be carrying only books and water, and was not arrested.

Huh. So the story, as it stands, is this: a clean, sober man preaching the Bible scared a group of London passengers so much that they jumped out of a train.

Maybe it wasn’t ‘jumped out.’ Maybe they just left in a hurry, because they were uncomfortable. Jumping out, after all, is a bit extreme, no?

Wrong again.

Fellow commuters in their panic pried open the train doors and climbed down onto the track to escape the man, forcing the rail operator to turn off power to the area to prevent anyone being electrocuted.

Well, then.

So the story is now this: clean and sober preacher scares lib Londoners so much that they risk death to get off a train.

Good God. Is there anything I’m missing that makes sense of this?

Just one thing.

The preacher told the carriage: “Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to talk to you about the word of the Lord. The Bible tells you that homosexuality is a sin and sex before marriage is a sin. You need to repent.”

And there it is.

It’s not the preacher. It’s the conservative values. That’s what makes libs jump off a train.

Liberals are fools.

Source: Breitbart

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