Lindsey Graham Just Accused The President Of 1 Thing He’s Never Been Called Before

Donald Trump is a lot of things, but one thing he is not is timid. That, as he would say, is for losers.

It’s funny now that Trump’s complete lack of timidity is making others call him – wait for it – timid.

Sound odd? It is. But it’s true, and it’s the reason one of Trump’s heaviest opponents is now calling him Weak. Just because Trump keeps talking about Jeff Sessions.

Because, apparently, talking about Sessions makes Trump look guilty, when it comes to the Russians. So his choices are ‘look guilty’ or ‘be timid.’

Senator Lindsey Graham really didn’t give Trump much of a choice here.

The Daily Caller reports:

Sen. Lindsey Graham told CNN Wednesday that President Trump’s handling of Attorney General Jeff Sessions shows “signs of weakness.”

Trump has been relentlessly attacking Sessions in the news media and on Twitter for recusing himself from the Russia investigation and not investigating Hillary Clinton’s emails.

On Wednesday, Trump said he’s also frustrated that Sessions didn’t replace acting FBI director Andrew McCabe.

Graham argued that if Trump wants Sessions to go, he should just use his power to fire him instead of trying to bully him into resigning.

Graham has got a point – if you just fire someone, everyone assumes you had a good reason. If you ask that person to resign over and over, and that person doesn’t resign, it doesn’t look like you had a good reason to fire that person.

If anything, you look weak, and your employee looks strong and confident.

But there’s one small difference here – we’re dealing with Trump. And he says whatever is on his mind. It’s what’s made him strong.

Trump understands, perhaps better than any other businessman, that backing down makes you look weak. And looking weak makes you lose, which usually means you lose money. Lots of it.

And the same rules apply in DC. Never back down, and always speak your mind.

So if Trump backs down against Sessions, he looks weak, which weakens his presidency. Which is not an option.

But if he doesn’t back down against Sessions, he looks weak as well – at least according to Graham. Trump is damned if he does, and damned if he doesn’t.

(Way to give Trump a couple of good options, Graham. Bitter about that primary loss to Donald, are you?)

Source: Daily Caller


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