California Gov. Jerry Brown Slams Taxpayers, Calls Us All…

With each passing day we discover just how idiotic the governor of California is.

It was recently discovered that Jerry Brown is putting aside millions in the budget to help illegal aliens. His liberal policies have protected criminals in sanctuary cities. He and his party have prioritized transgender issues and other nonsense.

All the while California’s infrastructure is falling apart. Yet Brown continues to focus on social justice and criminal aliens.

And what he’s recently said really takes the cake. It seems he really doesn’t care about the people of California. Don’t believe me? Just read his own words.

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From The Federalist Papers:

Not only does he want to spend millions of taxpayer dollars to fund illegal aliens and their defense team of lawyers when they are being deported, but he’s raising taxes as well.

Brown actually had the nerve to call taxpayers who are already overtaxed “freeloaders…”

“The freeloaders — I’ve had enough of them,” Brown said at an event in Orange Country last week.

Yes, law-abiding Californians who work and pay taxes are “freeloaders” according to his liberal logic, just because they don’t support getting taxed even more than they already are.

Uh, what? Did the governor of California just call the people that support him freeloaders? How about those millions of illegal and criminal aliens you’re promising to protect, Jerry?

You are using government funds — provided by tax payers — to comp their legal fees. Not to mention the numerous public services, from health care to schooling, that these aliens are abusing.

But no. The legal citizens are the freeloaders. California has one of the top 10 highest tax rates in the country, by the way. These hard-working tax payers are hardly freeloaders.

When is California going to learn? When are they going to reject these liberal idiots and start to support real leadership?

California needs a reform. It needs smart, conservative leaders to clean up the mess left by the democrats. If they don’t, I foresee many problems ahead.

Source: The Federalist Papers

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