He Just Made A STUNNING Announcement ‘THIS Is How We Fix Healthcare’…Trump Is Cheering — WOW!

Establishment Republicans are just as bad as liberals. They’re just as bad as Democrats. And they’re exactly why president Trump promised to drain the swamp.

You’ve probably heard by now, from both My Right America and many other sources, but I’ll say it again: the new health care bill that’s replacing Obamacare is pretty much Obamacare.

Actually, exactly Obamacare. The unconstitutional taxes are still there. The skyrocketing costs of healthcare are still there. The refusal to let the free market do its job is still there.

I honestly have no idea what Paul Ryan does every day, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he crosses himself before a picture of Obama placed carefully upon his nightstand, and then goes about his day being as Barak-ish a Republican as he possibly can.

To sum up, the new health care law is very, very bad. Thankfully, a few of the sane minds left in Washington are pretty pissed off about this. And one of them is Representative Jim Jordan from Ohio.

And he’s got one of the more brilliant and commonsense ideas to come out of the woodwork recently: forget the new healthcare law. Let’s just repeal the old one.

After all, as Real Clear Politics reminds us…isn’t that what we said we were going to do in the first place?

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Let’s do this right and, more importantly, let’s do what we told the voters we were going to do. That’s why today I’ll be introducing legislation which just says clean repeal.

Let’s vote on the exact same thing — 15 months ago, every single Republican in the House, every single Republican in the Senate voted on. We put it on President Obama’s desk.

Jordan has a very good point – Republicans tried nearly 40 times to repeal Obamacare when Obama was in office. Each time, Obama vetoed the bill.

No surprise there. But if you’re willing to try it when Obama is in office, why in the world wouldn’t you try it when he’s out of office?

Because honestly, do you really think Trump is not going to sign that repeal?

This whole episode says a lot about establishment Republicans. They’re willing to do one thing to look brave, but completely unwilling to do it when they actually have a chance at success.

They’re not really interested in making real change. They just want to look like a hero.

And people wonder why the rest of us voted for Trump.

Source: RealClearPolitics

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