Guess Which American Just Stabbed The USA In The Back All To Get Back At Trump?!

When Donald Trump took office, he promised to put America first. That meant ending agreements and deals that simply would not be best for our workers and citizens.

That includes agreements with European nations that would have destroyed industries, driven jobs away from this country, and left millions of Americans in the lurch.

Yet several leaders are not happy about Trump’s stance and they are colluding to find ways to punish him and the United States.

From Daily Caller:

Former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers said countries could impose a “border adjustment carbon tax,” or carbon tariff, to penalize U.S.exports for President Donald Trump’s decision to leave the Paris accord.

French ecological minister Nicolas Hulot agreed with the carbon tariff idea, echoing remarks made French President Nicolas Sarkozy during the country’s last election.

“We agree with that,” Hulot said at the “Climate Week” event in New York City on Monday, according to The New Republic. “The Paris agreement is not only a piece of paper where 170 states put their signature. It’s a promise to our children, and we cannot lie to our children…”

“We are going to need a system where you are rewarded for cooperation, and penalized for not cooperating,” said Summers, who served as President Bill Clinton’s treasury secretary.

It’s always nice to see a former American servant colluding with France to get back at his own country!

Talk about a villain. So, President Trump decides to end this terrible deal and all that Summers and France can do is make threats?

They are literally using bully tactics to “punish” the United States for not wanting to stay in the Paris Climate Accord. It was one of the worst deals in modern history, which would have destroyed parts of our energy sector and given billions to other nations.

Not to mention it was agreed to by Obama, not with approval of Congress or the American people. Hello, democracy!?

Yet socialists loved it, because it gave governments greater control over private businesses and would have driven more people out of work. More out-of-work people means more citizens dependent on government programs. Win-win for the commies!

The fact that this former Clinton-aid is agreeing to Hulot’s maniacal words just shows you how much liberals hate a thriving America. They’d rather see us falter than succeed.

Hmm, maybe that’s why more and more Americans are rejecting them!

Source: Daily Caller

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