Government On HIGH ALERT After SWORN Enemy Launches Missile STRIKE — Trump Says BRING IT!

We are living in contentious times.

Every day we learn more about the rising threat of radical Islamic terrorism around the world.

We know that terrorist networks like ISIS are seeking inroads in countries across Africa, the Middle East and Asia, as launching points into the Western world.

Not only this, but the massive refugee crisis that has struck Europe has fundamentally eroded the ways of life for millions of European citizens, as intolerant migrants invade their land, rioting, attacking, and raping natives.

While the United States and a few allies work to thwart this growing threat, we have to remember that there are other dangers facing the world.

Across the planet there are dictators and power-hungry tyrants who are looking to make their mark on the world.

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Communism is alive and well in many nations. Leaders eager to expand their influence or undermine the freedom and democracy of the West are regularly improving their ability to wage war.

They are improving their weapon capabilities, all the while the U.N. seemingly does nothing.

Perhaps the worst aggressor is North Korea, whose incompetent and evil ruler would like nothing less than to start a war with America and our allies.

From Bloomberg:

Japan moved to the highest possible alert level after North Korea fired four ballistic missiles simultaneously into nearby waters, the latest provocation from Kim Jong Un’s regime.

Three of the missiles fell into Japan’s exclusive economic zone, with one dropping about 350 kilometers west of the nation’s northern Akita prefecture, government spokesman Yoshihide Suga told reporters after a meeting of Japan’s National Security Council.

Authorities were still analyzing the type of missile launched, he said.

The launches “clearly show that this is a new level of threat” from North Korea, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told lawmakers in Tokyo.

American officials held phone calls afterward with counterparts in Japan and South Korea, which rely on the U.S. for security.

“North Korea’s nuclear and missile capabilities have really improved, and they are becoming more difficult to predict,” Abe said. The missiles “are getting closer to Japan’s waters and territory.”

For many years the regime of Kim Jong Un has made threats against its neighbors, most notably Japan and South Korea. This dictator has frequently promised war against the United States in moves that are often considered “saber rattling.”

He threatens war against the West, while neglecting the daily needs of his people, who often don’t have enough food for their families.

But Kim Jong Un doesn’t need a large army to cause trouble. With a few strategic missiles, North Korea can inflict massive damage and loss of life.

An uneasy alliance with Red China would only add fuel to the fire,  and create a bloody conflict that could rage on for decades.

This latest missile test proves that North Korea has not backed down from its intentions. Launching missiles so close to Japan’s mainland is a clear sign of aggression.

It would require Japan to take action to ensure the safety of its people.

The United States would be forced to act, as we serve to provide defense for our allies in the Pacific, specifically Japan.

Decisive action might be necessary to prevent greater actions by North Korea, or to stop all out war. And you best believe our President is ready to act!

Fox 8 Reports:

The US State Department said it remained “prepared to use the full range of capabilities at our disposal against this growing threat.”

BOOM. That’s all folks.

Source: Bloomberg

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