They’re The First U.S. State To Openly Defy Trump, They Just Passed A Law That…

While millions of Americans support Trump’s plans to make America great again, there are detractors.

There are morally bankrupt states that seek to defy the president and the will of their own people. Still bitter over the election, they are pushing to undermine Trump’s work.

We’ve seen this largely in the West Coast. But it looks like someone new is about to ruin their state with toxic, liberal policies.

Hawaii Gov. David Ige (D) signs two bills into law that uphold the goals of the landmark Paris climate agreement, which President Trump abandoned last week.

From MSN:

This week, the wayfinders will return to a Hawaii that on Tuesday took a defiant stand, becoming the first state to legally implement portions of the landmark Paris climate agreement that President Trump chose to abandon last week.

“Climate change is real, regardless of what others may say,” Hawaii Gov. David Ige said at a bill signing ceremony Tuesday in Honolulu.

“Hawaii is seeing the impacts first hand. Tides are getting higher, biodiversity is shrinking, coral is bleaching, coastlines are eroding, weather is becoming more extreme. We must acknowledge these realities at home…”

The first, Senate bill 559, expanded strategies and mechanisms to reduce greenhouse gas emissions statewide, a tenet of the Paris agreement.

The second, House bill 1578, established the Carbon Farming Task Force within the state’s Office of Planning, to support the development of sustainable agriculture practices in Hawaii, a skill native islanders had once mastered before planes, freighters and Amazon linked them to the mainland.

Rest assured that both bills will further cripple a state that is struggling to survive. Hawaii is far removed from the rest of the country. They face high costs to import even basic necessities.

Laws aimed at “helping” the environment only work to undermine the economy. They hamper innovative and the growth of businesses. They put a burden on tax payers and businesses of all sizes.

Liberals love them, because it expands the power of government and hurts the independence of the people. Plus they can pat themselves on the back because they think they are helping the environment.

Though it has yet to be shown that any climate change has been the result of mankind’s development.

Make no mistake: to the extent Hawaii implements the Paris Accord, they will suffer. A state with high amounts of poverty among natives will only get worse. They will alienate workers and companies, driving opportunity from their shores.

But at least they proved they hate the president. Good for them.

Source: MSN

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