The Feds Just Made Huge Food Stamp Fraud Bust In Washington, They’ve Had Their Eyes On These 2 Since 2015

It’s a wonderful thing to live in a country that looks after its citizens.

The United States provides help for people in need. But what happens when there are people who abuse the system?

That’s just what two storeowners found out recently, when the Feds busted them for serious fraud.

From Mad World News:

A pair of store owners in Washington state just got busted big time and are now in for way more than they ever bargained after the feds caught on to their sick back room secret…

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Ibeth Cano, 53, and Guillermina Coronado Miranda, 44, who own a shop in Washington state, were busted for trafficking food stamps after the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) noticed some troubling trends in the way they went about their business.

Their convenience store, Carniceria Apatzingan in Tacoma, was originally flagged back in 2015, and the DSHS has been watching them since…

Breitbart reported that signs of fraud first began when the convenience store had multiple EBT card transactions of $1,000 or more on the books and “transactions staggered within a 24-hour period that nearly drained accounts within days of them receiving deposits…”

“During the surveillance operations, neither the DSHS investigator nor the deputy ever saw any more than a handful of people who appeared to be grocery shopping at the store,” prosecutors wrote.

“Most patrons left the Apatzingan Market carrying a small bag containing a small number of items or they left empty-handed…”

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Investigators determined that, between 2015 and 2016, there was an estimated total of fraud that cost taxpayers $215,000.

The Feds busted Cano, charging the storeowner with leading organized crime, first-degree theft, unlawful trafficking in food stamps, and three counts of witness tampering. That’s some serious crime. The other owner was charged with unlawful trafficking in food stamps and first-degree theft.

Both are looking at long jail sentences for their scams. It’s a lesson to all would-be thieves that stealing money from the government doesn’t pay.

There are plenty of Americans who don’t approve of government handouts. Matters like this make it only worse, when we discover that hundreds of thousands of tax dollars were being stolen by two crooks.

This, more than anything else, proves how much we need to reform the system. We need to make sure the people collecting benefits truly need them. And that frauds—like these shop owners—are held accountable.

Source: Mad World News

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