After Charlottesville Violence, Dr. Ben Carson Shares What Happened When His Neighbor Put Up A Confederate Flag

No matter how much we may think we understand the effects of racism, we simply won’t, unless we see it through the eyes of a minority. And Dr. Carson’s eyes have seen a very unexpected story.

Fact is, Dr. Carson, as a black Republican, is more qualified than anyone to talk about the effects of racism. He’s judged because he’s black, and because he’s a Republican…and most definitely because he’s both. That kind of combination gets a really unusual amount of hate from liberals.

And Carson, at the receiving end of all that hate, should be a bitter man. By all accounts. Yet, he is not.

In fact, he can tolerate his neighbor’s Confederate flag. And he can take down that same Confederate flag with nothing else but kindness.

It’s a lot, from a guy that’s prejudged by racists, liberals, and racist liberals.

The Independent Journal Review reports:

Dr. Ben Carson, former GOP presidential candidate and current U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, has not been shy in the past when it comes to sharing his experience growing up as an African-American in this country.

After Charlottesville, Carson decided to open up once again and share one of his stories.

The powerful statement was posted to his Facebook page.

For the record, all of Carson’s FB posts are worth reading, and in their entirety.

But this one is special because Carson, more than anyone else, has reason to speak. As I said, he’s prejudged because he’s black, because he’s a Republican, and because he’s a black Republican working for Trump.

Three things against him. So if he speaks up about racism, it’s worth listening to.

Regarding all of the racial and political strife emanating from the events in Charlottesville last weekend, let me…

Posted by Dr. Ben & Candy Carson on Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The most important part of the post is this: “less than kind behavior was met by people taking the high road. We could all learn from these examples.”

In short, the best way to end racism isn’t to counter-protest, like Anti-fa, or to pass legislation, like so many lib and Republican lawmakers want to do.

No, the best way to end racism is to start with friendship. There’s more than one brilliant example of this.

Carson has it right – always take the high road.

I guess he’s a good a teacher as he is a surgeon.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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