Look What Democrats Want To Give Away ‘Free’ To ALL Americans Now, Taxpayers Say ‘Hell No’!

Why do Democrats keep trying to make everything in our country ‘free’? Do they not understand that nothing in life is ever truly ‘free’?

Someone always pays for it, and that someone is the American taxpayer.

I wonder if they are really that delusional to think that free everything will make America better or if they know the harm they are doing to our country each time they try to shove their latest ‘free’ service down our throats?

Either way, it seems they can’t give away our money fast enough. California Senator Kamala Harris and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders just introduced a bill to make public colleges and universities ‘tuition-free’.

Obviously, there is some backlash over this.

Democrats live in a dream world where everyone gets a free ride. The rest of us live in the real world, where nothing is free.

Thank goodness President Trump is in office and can push back against crazy liberal agendas and ‘freebies’!


Source: Yes I’m Right

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