U.S. Finally Admits CIA Was Behind Major Coup Of One Of Our Greatest Enemies

For years the Central Intelligence Agency has been accused of doing some dirty stuff.

As a covert operation, working in secret around the world, there have been rumors they overthrew democratically elected governments.

Until know, that was all speculation. Now we have the documents to prove that it was, in fact, the CIA who helped create one of the worst nations on the planet.

Picture released in the early 50s of Iranian Prime minister Mohammed Mossadegh

From Free Beacon:

The Trump administration has released a long-suppressed and classified government report disclosing U.S. clandestine action in Iran that outlines America’s role in the country’s 1953 coup, the State Department announced last week in a move that is likely to roil the Islamic Republic.

The report, which details covert U.S. operations in Iran, has been the source of controversy for quite some time, as the former Obama administration had suppressed its publication in a bid to avoid upsetting Iran during diplomatic efforts to foster the landmark nuclear deal.

While a small portion of the report still remains classified, its release marks the first time the United States is officially acknowledging its clandestine role in the 1953 coup against the Iranian government led by Mohammad Mosadeq…

The release could be part of an effort by the Trump administration to more forcefully confront Iran and move away from a U.S. policy that sought to appease the Islamic Republic in order to keep it complying with the nuclear agreement.

Historians have long sought the report, which ties CIA operative to the 1953 coup in Iran.

The coup of 1953 worked to remove a democratically elected leader of the country. Unrest and resentment of those events led to the uprising in the 1970’s, which created the hostile regime that exists in Iran today.

Much of the hatred for America coming from Iran can be traced to the CIA’s dealings. Had they not been involved way back then, things might be much different in the Islamic nation.

But that was a long time ago. It’s clear that today’s Iran is confronting the United States for other reasons. The closed, oppressive, Islamic nation wants to destroy Israel, our ally. They hate us because of our commitment to liberty and Christian values.

Until the current leadership in Iran is toppled, they will continue to hate us. They will use the events of 1953—or anything else—as an excuse. Only strong resistance to the nation is the answer.

Source: Free Beacon

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