Christians Are Thrilled To Hear What’s Happening At Public Schools On Oct. 5

The sad reality is, public schools are one of the worst places in America. They are filled with liberal teachers who push evolution, sexual immorality, and other Godless views. That’s not to mention the students who use peer pressure to influence others in a negative way.

Public schools are a hostile environment, where good kids can become corrupted. But there is hope, in the form of strong, Godly students who want to share their faith.

This one event is growing in popularity. And it just might make an impact on our schools.

From IJR:

Public schools in the U.S. will soon be infused with hundreds of thousands of Bibles as students in every state across the country prepare for the annual “Bring Your Bible to School” event.

On Thursday, Oct. 5, students from kindergarten all the way through college will be encouraged to bring their Bibles to class to “celebrate religious freedom and share God’s love with their friends,” according to the initiative’s website.

The event is co-sponsored by Focus on the Family and the right-leaning religious liberty firm, Alliance Defending Freedom.

When the event first started in 2014, Focus President Jim Daly said only 8,000 students participated. Last year, more than 355,000 students brought the Good Book to school.

“This year, we’re hoping 500,000 students will bring their Bible to school and will share and read Scripture with their friends during appropriate times, like before and after school, during recess or lunch,” Daly said.

For years, there’s been a push to bring God back into public schools. While teachers and administrators are hotly against faith and God, the students have a Constitutional right to express what they believe. The First Amendment doesn’t end on school campuses.

This new movement is encouraging kids to bring Bibles to school, as an opportunity to share their faith with classmates. Perhaps students who have never heard about God will learn. Maybe a few lives will be changed.

If nothing else, this is a victory for Bible-believing people around America. It is a sign that we will not be silenced or pushed to the side. Faith in God and the Bible shaped this country and they will continue to guide its destiny.

Source: IJR

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