China Is Preparing For War — Look Where They Just Moved Their Troops

Donald Trump has been battling China for longer than he’s been a politician. And China finally – after decades – responded. But it’s where they responded that worries me.

Fact is, China could have picked any number of places to make a stand. They could have sent warships to face off against ours in the South China Sea. They could have attacked more of our information systems. They could have threatened Hawaii, just like North Korea did.

But the one place China doesn’t want the US to go? And the very place Trump has been threatening to go?

North Korea. And that’s where the Chinese government has moved its troops. It’s a lot of potential bloodshed to protect a rogue nuclear state, ruled by an insane homunculus.

The Conservative Tribune reports:

China has built up its defenses along the North Korean border and has moved troops there in preparation of any military action from the Trump administration.

Citing a report from the Wall Street Journal, Fox News also noted that the Chinese military had moved to build up its defenses along the 880-mile border.

Those defenses include bunkers designed to withstand nuclear attacks, 24-hour surveillance of the border and a new brigade to patrol the region.

All in all, we’ve got more troops, more eyes, and much heavier defenses. Along the border of an ally.

And you don’t put that many troops in one spot unless you think someone’s going to cross that spot. And it sure wouldn’t be the North Koreans.

Put more directly, China is worried about Trump crossing that border. And that’s a new worry. Obama didn’t make the Chinese worry about their own security.

Trump, however, can say a few words, and the entire country is put on alert. That’s projecting real power.

The move comes as President Donald Trump has expressed disappointment over China’s inability — or unwillingness — to effectively pressure North Korea into giving up its missile tests and nuclear development.

The administration has also made clear that military options are on the table, something that evidently unnerves China.

China’s military buildup is a bit premature, since the only troops we have in the area are in South Korea. And they’re nowhere near enough to invade.

But our ships are in the South China Sea – and they’re enough of a threat that China’s been watching.

And now, Trump should, too.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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