Carjacker Thinks He’s Picked An Easy Target And Yanks Car Door Open, But The Driver Has A Much Better Plan

If we wanted to, we could fill this entire site with stories of criminal activity. There is far too much crime going on in this country.

Criminals prey on innocent citizens. They think they can take advantage of us, depriving us of our dignity and pride. As well as our cash and property.

But every once in a while, a criminal learns the hard way, that crime doesn’t pay. In fact, they are the ones losing dignity and pride! That’s just what one criminal learned recently in Kent, Washington.

This piece of trash thought they could get away with stealing someone’s car. Like most thugs, they approached the SUV, thinking they could intimidate their victim into handing over the keys. In broad daylight, this scumbag tried to rob this car owner of his vehicle.

But this motorist wasn’t going to be pushed around so easily. According to reports, the victim tried to close their door and drive away. The speed of a moving vehicle is normally enough to thwart a would-be carjacker. After all, how could a crook stop a moving car?

This criminal, however, was either lit up on drugs or was too stupid to understand basic physics. Because as the car was pulling away, he grabbed onto the door. This stupid idiot clung onto the door handle, determined to punish a citizen for having the audacity to refuse his demands. It didn’t work out so well for this carjacker, though.

The car continued to accelerate, as this idiot hung onto the door. He didn’t let go, or give up. He continued to cling to the handle, as his body was dragged down the street.

Pretty bad. Really, after a certain point, you’d let go, right? Nope! He continued to hold on, as his pants were pulled off, and his bare bottom was scrapped against the asphalt.

Honestly, you have to be a grade-A moron to keep going at this point. But he was! He got up and tried to continue to assault the car owner.

Here is video footage of the shocking sequence of events.

From Mad World News:

Shocking footage has emerged out of Kent, Washington, showing what happened when one thug tried to carjack a victim who wasn’t ready to give up the keys.

Now, the thug is behind bars after suffering a major wardrobe malfunction that’s gaining him national attention after the asphalt delivered a brutal dose of karma to his manhood, and luckily for us, it was all caught on video…

According to local news source KIRO7, the brazen carjacking attempt took place on Saturday, August 26, 2017. Police said that the suspect seen in the now-viral clip had tried to assault several motorists before clinging to the door handle of one SUV…

As the clip begins, the suspect, who is wearing shorts and a blue shirt, can be seen clinging onto the door handle for dear life as the motorist he’s trying to carjack accelerates down the street…

The footage shows him getting dragged for several hundred yards before the SUV slows down and he tries to stand up and take a swing at the victim as the door of the vehicle swings open…

It only takes a few seconds for his shorts to come off completely as the driver keeps right on going and the thug flips right side up, getting a second dose of karma to his backside in the form of some additional road rash.

How stupid do you have to be to hold onto a moving car? Is carjacking worth that much pain and embarrassment? Even a relatively intelligent crook would have moved on to another, parked vehicle. But not this dumbass! He held on, convinced he was going to rob this person, even as his waste of a body was dragged down the road.

The video of the incident went viral, prompting the attention of Kent police. Citizens frequently contacted the department for updates. They were quick to alert the public that yes, the man in the video had been apprehended. He was taken to a local hospital for treatment, before being charged with his crimes.

Crime happens all the time. We have to be prepared. Sometimes the crooks are so determined, even extreme circumstances like this aren’t enough to force them to give up. I say good.

Let a few more pieces of trash get their asses ripped up on the road. Let them suffer the pain and embarrassment their victims face on a daily basis.

They might not learn a lesson, but at least they will get punished.

Source: Mad World News

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