Californians In Revolt! New Law Forces Residents To…

We may never know why liberals hate Americans so much.

Using a variety of excuses, they pass laws that seem to punish hard working Americans, rather than help them.

We saw this quite a bit during Obama’s eight years. He frequently set policy that benefited everyone, except Americans. He bent over backwards to help illegals enter our country. He drafted trade deals that helped every other nation, from Canada to China, but hurt American workers.

And of course worst of all, was Obamacare. That program raised taxes, punished small businesses and forced Americans to buy terrible health care.

Although Obama is gone, his stupidity lives on in the most liberal parts of our society. Perhaps the worst is California, whose largely liberal government continues to punish everyday Americans.

This one will hurt them in a very big way.

FILE PHOTO - California Governor Jerry Brown speaks in Sacramento, California, U.S. on January 9, 2014. REUTERS/Max Whittaker/File Photo

From The Daily Caller:

Californians are pushing back against the Democratic lawmakers who passed the largest gas tax in the state’s history last month.

Citizens have signed signatures for a recall effort against Democratic state Sen. Josh Newman for his vote in favor of for the Road Repair and Accountability Act, and another lawmaker is moving forward on an initiative to repeal the unpopular gas tax.

The law, passed April 6, imposes a 12 cents a gallon hike on citizens and raises the tax on diesel fuel by 20 cents a gallon. It also implements an additional charge to annual vehicle license fees ranging from $25 to $175 depending on the car’s value…

Gov. Jerry Brown’s decision to support and approve the law has prompted three Southern California radio talk show hosts to embark on a recall campaign targeting Newman, a first-term Democratic legislator who barely edged out his Republican opponent in November.

Make no mistake, this tax has everything to do with liberal nonsense about the environment.

Democrats want us to believe that gas-fueled cars are hurting the earth. Yet they’ve done nothing to advance the technology and use of alternative fuels. Instead they’ve only punished Americans for using the only kind of transportation available to them.

Americans work to the bone to afford a reliable vehicle. Most of us need cars to get to work, help our families and do day-to-day tasks. Yet Californian liberals show how little they care about the needs of their people by imposing this drastic tax.

It will raise the cost of gas to new heights. Their flawed logic is that it will motivate more people to buy hybrids or alternative fuel cars. But hybrids are twice the price of regular cars and other fuel cars are not readily available. Few Californians would be able to switch; either way they are being punished financially by their leaders.

Who benefits? The government, of course! They can use those increased tax revenues — not to improve roads, as the tax suggests, but to give themselves raises! We already know that Gov. Brown has neglected CA’s infrastructure for years. The state is literally falling apart.

But I bet he’s got a nice salary, plus a comfortable retirement package.

Until we reject these tax-loving, dishonest, liberal crooks, all of America will suffer. The only solace this time around is maybe Californians can band together to revoke the tax and remove these lawmakers from office.

Otherwise, well there are 49 other states that would love to have them.

Source: Daily Caller

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