Breaking: Mass Shooting In Las Vegas – These Videos Will Leave You Speechless

Update: As of 3:00 am Central, the police say the shooter is “down”

Well it’s not pretty – there’s no way around that.

There was just a mass shooting in Las Vegas from the Mandalay Bay Casino and the aftermath is sobering.

Initial counts have it at 2 dead, 24 wounded, 12 of which are in critical condition.

There were several videos caught of the incident and they are all pretty terrifying.

Watch at your own risk (no gore)

from Instagram randy_kindred_girl_

And another from twitter user Kevin Wouters, hotel guest at Delano

Here’s another from Youtube user Sam Perry:

This one sounds like straight from a war-zone…
from Twitter user @ZachTurner_

Please send your thoughts and prayers. We are in for some rough times ahead.

God Bless America

Source: Instagram, Twitter, Youtube

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