Boom — Antifa Protestor Lights U.S. Flag On Fire, Then Bikers For Trump Show Up

Lib snowflake protestors have no respect for the flag, this country, the rule of law, our president, and basic human decency. Luckily for us, they also aren’t very aware of their surroundings.

You have doubtless heard of ANTIFA, the name given to the collective anarchist protest groups that love to scream obscenities and destroy conservative property. They had a bit of a heyday after Trump’s election, all over the news, burning cars, and breaking windows.

They say they’re ‘anti-fascist,’ but it’s really ‘anti-anything-good-and-law-abiding.’ So it’s no surprise that they showed up to scream at a group of conservatives at a free speech rally in Oregon. And it’s no surprise that they started in with their favorite pastime – burning the American flag.

Lesson One for idiot liberals – make sure you aren’t surrounded by stronger, bigger, and better conservatives before you try something this stupid.

The Conservative Review reports:

Over the weekend, conservatives and free speech advocates organized a peaceful parade in Oregon. When the militant leftist antifa types got wind of march, however, they reportedly began assaulting Trump supporters and snatched phones from the hands of rally participants.

One of the most heated incidents happened when a male leftist demonstrator dressed as a woman began to burn an American flag while protesters cheered.

However, that disrespectful action caught the attention of nearby bikers — and the whole altercation was caught on camera.

Watch the video. If you ever want to see the real difference between Trump supporters and anti-Trump and anti-American extremists, this is it. One side is calm and rational. The other side just screams. And screams, and screams. There’s just nothing else there.

One of the bikers grabbed the still-burning flag from the transgender protester before it could be destroyed. The…large bikers kept cool heads during the incident and stood their ground while socialists wearing masks screamed obscenities.

The most frightening part about all this, perhaps, is the realization that these idiots could have ran the country under Hillary. We wouldn’t have had a country at all in less than four years.

But, I suppose, if you can’t burn the country down, you can at least burn the flag.

Hats off to Bikers for Trump, and to the brave men and women who have protected that flag for generations.

Source: Conservative Review

(ISIS must be destroyed.)

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