Awkward: Barack Gives Huge Award To His ‘Bromance’?…Americans Are Like What?!

In the closing hours of Barack Obama’s presidency, he is doing nothing but protecting whatever legacy he has left.

His final address to the nation was simply an attempt at glorifying himself and trashing Trump’s soon-to-come administration. Under Obama, instead of a smooth transition, the FBI and other intelligence agencies mounted a campaign to undermine the election with so-called Russian hacking intel.

But perhaps the most pointless actions are the ones that encapsulate Obama’s penchant for the glamorous. He threw a lavish party at the White House, inviting all his elitist celebrity friends.

Then he christened his closest and most dog-like loyal ally with a pointless medal.

From Red State:

And today President Obama surprised his “bromance” partner (his words, not mine) Joe Biden with the Medal of Freedom.

Obama stated that he was awarding Vice President Biden with the medal for “‘faith in your fellow Americans, for your love of country and a lifetime of service that will endure through the generations.’’

Oh, that’s all you need to get a fancy Medal of Freedom? Love of country? Obama basically gave Biden a medal for having nice feelings for the United States. That’s appropriate, I guess. Liberals are driven by emotion, not facts, logic, or actions.

Over the course of the last eight years, Biden did very little outside of being a cheerleader for the President. Perhaps that’s all that Obama wanted from Biden, a man who did serve the Senate for many years and has some knowledge to share.

But that knowledge was by and large wasted, as Obama’s policy seemed to reflect his progressive agenda and political obligations, not common sense or experience.

Already we have a Vice President-elect who is working with Congress to get things done. Mike Pence has worked closely with GOP congressmen in crafting the new plan that will replace Obamacare.

But will he be getting a medal when all is said and done?

Source: Red State

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