Boom — The Navy Just Sent Russia A $12.9 Billion Warning, And There’s Two More On The Way

Trump is prepared for long-term warfare with long-term foes. And it’s a good thing after he just ordered a missile strike on Assad’s airfields, which has led Russia to threaten war against us.

Also, top Trump advisor Steve Bannon, the former editor of Breitbart News, has been predicting that we’ll go to war in the South China Sea. He’s been saying this for a long time. And slowly, more conservatives are accepting it as inevitable.

Such a war, or any sea war with China or Russia, would require a totally modernized Navy. Particularly with some of the larger aircraft carriers – some of those are several decades old. Technology’s come a long way.

And those replacements are finally coming in. Two days ago, the Navy revealed it was in the final stages of testing for one of the most advanced and deadly carriers ever built.

It’s…well, I’d say it’s impressive, but only because I don’t have a bigger, better, and stronger word.

The Daily Mail reports:

The most expensive warship ever built has been put through its paces for the very first time.

The US Navy revealed Saturday the first of its new class of the USS Gerald R. Ford has headed out to sea off the coast of Virginia.

The new aircraft carrier embarked on the first of its sea trials to test various state-of-the-art systems.

The ship is expensive – $12.9 billion dollars. Billion. Almost thirteen Facebooks.

But, considering what it can do, I’d say it’s worth it. Besides, losing a war is always more expensive. Always.

The giant warship is 1,106-foot long and will be capable of launching 220 airstrikes per day from its two runways, while appearing almost invisible to radar detectors.

The ship is able to launch so many airstrikes – one almost every six minutes – because the deck uses electromagnetic force to propel the jets forward. It is a similar method as used on roller coasters.

Now, if you’re not familiar with the process, let me just sum up – launching a plane from a carrier can take a bit of time. One every six minutes is unheard of.

The Gerald Ford isn’t the only ship of its kind, either – at least, it won’t be for long.

Two more are going to be built in roughly five and ten years. The United States will be more than ready to face off against any of the other world powers.

Let’s hope Bannon is wrong. But if he’s right, we’ll be prepared.

Source: Daily Mail

(ISIS must be destroyed.)

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