Experts STUNNED As U.S. Military Plane Buzzed By Major World Power, And It’s Not Russia

Donald Trump, as I’ve said before, is facing off more challenges and hostile powers than any other president in history. And he just got one more.

The rest should be familiar by now – North Korea is threatening nuclear war. Russia is threatening our coastlines. Mexican drug cartels are threatening our borders. Iran is threatening nukes. ISIS is threatening literally everything.

And that’s more than enough. But when you’re facing down five foreign foes, and plenty of enemies within the US, why not add one more?

Because China just intercepted and threatened a US aircraft. And the most populated country in the world is not one you want to make an enemy of.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Two Chinese fighter jets intercepted a U.S. surveillance plane in the East China Sea on Wednesday amid larger diplomatic efforts over North Korea, the Air Force said.

We’ll need some background before we continue. See, the East China Sea is in the middle of a giant and potentially bloody custody battle.

China claims it as its own. But smack in the middle of it is North Korea. As well as a series of islands owned by Japan, which – no surprise – China also claims as its own.

The US, of course, stands with Japan. But as far as China’s concerned, that makes us an obstacle to its goals. And there’s nothing more representative of that obstacle than one of our larger stealth jets.

Which is why the jet was intercepted. But not in a friendly way.

From the Conservative Tribune:

[The US plane] found itself head-to-head with two Sukhoi Su-30 jets of the Chinese Air Force.

The formidable fighters were developed as Russia’s answer to the F-15 Eagle, but are now used by several countries outside of the old Soviet Bloc.

Mind you, we weren’t threatening China in any way – we were just looking for North Korean nukes. Which, to be fair, is something that China should want us to be doing.

The so-called “nuke sniffing” aircraft was being used to monitor North Korean nuclear testing, in order to provide advance warning of warhead detonations.

But to China, I guess a big foreign plane is still a big foreign plane, no matter what it’s being used for.

Trump has his hands full – a war with Korea, Russia, China, ISIS, and Iran might well be the last war the world ever sees.

Thank goodness an adult is in charge.

Source: Conservative Tribune



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