Look Who The VA Hired To Care For Our Vets, America Is HORRIFIED!

Obama’s terrible, inept, and traitorous handling of the many Veterans’ Affairs scandals during his time as president don’t need much of an explanation – the man just doesn’t like soldiers very much.

And the VA, under Obama, let patients suffer in hospitals, gave incredibly poor standards of care, and by all means neglected the veterans that helped keep this country free.

You’d think it couldn’t get any worse.

You’d be wrong. Boy, would you be so, so wrong. And I’m not making this up.

A VA hospital in Alaska has been exposed after it hired two convicted criminals. One of those criminals killed a man.

His job, rather than being filled with someone honest, was held in place for him until he got out.

The other criminal – again not making this up – was a child molester.

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The Daily Caller News Foundation reports:

A Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) hospital held a job open for its accountant while he served a prison term for killing a man, and also hired a convicted child molester and then kept him on the rolls as a health aide while he repeatedly reoffended.

Kevin Kenja Campbell, the health aide, pleaded guilty to felony sexual abuse of a minor in 2002. He was later hired at the Anchorage, Alaska, VA.

Multiple employees of the hospital said he was subsequently arrested for stabbing a man with a bottle while skipping work, and that the department kept him on the payroll while he went back to jail.

Kill a man, keep your job – it’s waiting for you when you get back.

Molest a child, and stab a man, and go to prison – no problem. You’ll still get your paycheck.

I…I really can’t think of anything more to say. This honestly makes me want to drink. A lot.

And while a child molester receiving pay in prison is big enough news, it’s actually the first guy, the guy waiting in prison for his job back while he serves time for killing a man – it’s that guy that’s more interesting.

In addition to working as an accountant for the Anchorage VA, Alvin served as vice president of the local American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) union and also operated a side firm that did the union’s taxes.

The union was faulted for tax problems and its president, McGee, was convicted of fraud. But the VA did not fire McGee.

So, to be clear – the guy that killed a man, waiting for his job while in prison? He did the accounting for the VA. He had all the financial information.

He also did the taxes for the government union. The union’s president is arrested for tax fraud. But our guy walks away…then kills a man, then goes to jail. Still waiting for his job.

Still wish I were making this up.

Source: Daily Caller News Foundation

(ISIS must be destroyed.)

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