You Won’t Believe Who Just Turned Down Job Offer From President Trump

The radical left has been in a frenzy ever since Trump was elected, doing their best to oppose any and every part of his agenda. And they just had one major victory.

Trump’s inherent genius – and I’ve said this many a time – is that he hires good people. He knows how to spot them, to groom them, and how to set them loose.

Every good hire makes for a better Trump administration, and the Left knows this. And it’s why they’ve tried to stall, obstruct, and prevent – at any cost – every one of Trump’s appointments.

Well, they finally got one man to back down from a job offer. And this man would have been the administration’s crown jewel.

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke, however, has finally said ‘no’ to Trump. It’s a good bet it’s because of lib tactics and harassment.

The Conservative Tribune reports:

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, who had been nominated for a post at the Department of Homeland Security, stunned Washington when he announced Saturday that he had pulled his name out of contention for the job.

The blunt-spoken Wisconsin lawman, who has been a longtime supporter of Trump’s, had been offered the position back in May.

“I am both honored and humbled to be appointed to this position” with the “office of partnership and programs,” Clarke said at the time.

Clarke and Trump were made for each other. Both tell it like it is. Both have the same respect for law and order. And both certainly have a reputation for getting things done.

Which raises the big question: why in the world would Clarke turn down a job with the US government in DC? And for one of the country’s most historic presidents, to boot?

The answer, in a word, is liberals.

While he had expected to start in June, his appointment faced strenuous opposition from liberals.

The most serious accusation involved the sheriff plagiarizing his 2013 master’s thesis, but other grievances from the left — including treatment of prisoners in Milwaukee County jails and his depiction of the Black Lives Matter movement as “purveyors of hate” — had played a role in stalling his appointment.

If you’re thinking ‘who cares’ when you see that list, you’re not alone. The only thing that libs could find on Clarke was plagiarism. Plagiarism. Not theft, not bribery, not murder, nor anything else attributed to Hillary. Just plagiarism.

(And it wasn’t even real plagiarism. His footnotes were simply out of format, and incorrect.)

The left is insane. And they just won one major battle.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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