Shock Report: Trump To Win Again…Democratic Party In Total Meltdown!

The historic number of Americans who are now relieved, safe, and confident in the return of leadership and Christian principles to the White House know this: Trump won because we were forgotten, despised, spat upon, mocked, ignored, and robbed by an administration that hated us and an elitist liberal culture that thought we were stupid and irrelevant.

Luckily, liberals don’t change. Which means their behavior won’t change. Which means, thank Jesus, that Trump will be re-elected. And even establishment anti-Trumpers know it.

The Federalist’s Daniel Payne has taken notice, and delivered a prediction for 2020’s election, in record time: Donald Trump is going to win, and it’s the Left’s fault. We could have told you that, of course, but Payne lays it out in great detail and without whining, yelling, or childish tantrums. Which means, to be fair, that liberals won’t be able to read any of it.

Payne is clear: liberal snobbery and race-baited insults won the election for Trump. “Last week, in a widely-shared Twitter post, tech executive Melinda Byerley accused ‘middle America’ of being ‘a shithole with stupid people.’ She implored these ‘stupid people’ to ‘elect a progressive city council and commit to not being bigots.’ She also accused them of ‘[not wanting] brown people to thrive.’

This cannot be overstated: liberals, if you wish to persuade more Americans to vote Democrat (or at the very least not vote for Trump), then smearing them as Nazis, psychopaths, bigots, and misogynists isn’t going to help.”

It’s difficult to express just how obvious this is. That liberals can’t see it suggests that they might be just as stupid as the conservatives they regularly insult and ignore.

Payne’s list of idiot mistakes that the Left is making is good reading for true Americans who’ve experienced the hate and elitism offered by Democrats. But don’t expect progressive libs to take his advice – most of them are too busy screaming and whining about Russians, hacking, and alternative facts. Trump, meanwhile, is rolling back Obamacare, taking on ISIS, and bringing back jobs to the US – you know, the priorities that Obama was supposed to have during eight years of screaming and whining about racism, made-up police brutality, and alternative media.

There is one thing for which we must be thankful, though – as liberals across the country prepare to re-elect President Donald Trump, Trump himself will have a great deal more time to focus on issues that actually matter to this country. Libs will be focusing on issues that matter only to themselves.

It’s why Trump won, and why he will again.

Source: The Federalist

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