Red Alert! Suspicious Letter Containing White Powder Delivered To..

With all the danger hitting England in recent months, you can bet tensions are high.

Years of refusing to defend their people from terrorism has led to a toxic climate, where jihadis are free to attack at will.

U.K. officials might not be able to rein in this threat, if they hold onto their PC views. So moments like this might happen more and more. This time, they targeted the queen.

A representative says Queen Elizabeth was in London when the suspicious letter was sent to her palace in Scotland.

From MSN:

Police have opened an investigation after a letter containing a suspicious-looking white powder arrived at Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh, Queen Elizabeth II’s official residence in Scotland.

A preliminary look at the letter confirmed that it poses no threat to the general public and citizens of Edinburgh.

“We can confirm that the suspicious letter that was delivered to the Palace of Holyroodhouse on Wednesday, June 7, has been analyzed and found not to pose any risk to the public,” a Police Scotland spokesperson said Wednesday, according to the BBC.

“An investigation is now underway to identify the sender and establish the full circumstances surrounding this incident.”

As the letter was being received, tourists and guests were still visiting Holyroodhouse. Roads around the palace were closed off Wednesday morning, with ambulances and fire trucks sitting outside.

This is the second time in as many months that a suspicious letter was sent to a place in Edinburgh. It’s clear the U.K. is not a safe place any longer. The terrible policies of it’s largely liberal government has allowed dangerous people to harm others.

But will the British people see the light before it’s too late? This one instance turned out to be nothing. But next time, they might not be so lucky.

Unless they crack down on radical Islamic terror and get serious about who is entering their country, more bloodshed is sure to come.

Source: MSN

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