WHAT?! Guess Who Still Has A Security Clearance And Access To Classified Information After Leaving Office

Government security clearance is a powerful privilege.

It means a person has access to government documents and material us regular citizens do not. They can request these documents and gain access to sensitive information, information that could affect national security.

So, it will come as a shock to learn this one former employee still retains this privilege.

Who? Who else, Hillary Clinton.

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From Conservative Tribune:

Cira reported that the former presidential nominee and her former aides have kept their security clearances, meaning they still have access to classified information and top secret documents — even after the FBI concluded they were careless and mishandled sensitive information.

The revelation came after Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, questioned the State Department about the security clearances in March.

Grassley, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, revealed the information about the clearances on Friday, along with his concern about the State Department’s slow bureaucratic process…

Grassley’s office also stated that Clinton and her aides were able to keep the clearances because the department designated them as “research assistants,” allowing them “to take their State Department-issued clearance with them after their official service at the department,” according to Circa.

Because of government incompetence, people who no longer serve have access to our most sensitive material.

Why should a failed presidential candidate and her aids be considered “research assistants?” How are they assisting the State Department? The agency has undergone several staff changes since Hillary’s time—what could she possibly be assisting them with?

Imagine what kind of damage Clinton can do, if she in fact has access to current State Department documents? We know what she did when she was Secretary of State. That should be enough to revoke any clearance she ever had.

It’s high time our government agencies were reformed, from top to bottom.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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