Just Six Days After Fox News Fired Him, He’s Back!

For a long time we’ve seen traditional media slide into obscurity. This is partly due to their gross liberal bias that has alienated many Americans, conservative and otherwise, who just want honest reporting.

It’s also due to the fact that new outlets for news are emerging everyday in the form or conservative news sites (like My Right America) and other outlets like podcasts and YouTube channels.

One of the few traditional networks to thrive in this era of change has been Fox News. And that’s not because of their strict conservative lean. They were very anti-Trump during the election and were even shocked on Election Night to announce his victory.

It thrived because of the popular, unapologetic personalities that helmed the station. Such personalities like Bill O’Reilly.

Recent years, however, have seen an exodus of talent from the network, often in the form of their now-liberal owners eliminating longstanding leadership. Masked in the cloak of scandal, the Murdock brothers have been getting rid of Fox News leadership that has kept it a right-leaning network.

Most recently they’ve used a sexual harassment scandal to fire Fox News’ biggest and most popular host, Bill O’Reilly.

That may have been a serious blow to Bill, fifteen years ago. But in the age of unlimited Internet, he’s doing just fine.

Fox News? Probably not so much.

Bill O'Reilly has announced he will be getting back on the airwaves this Monday night, just six days after he was fired from Fox News

From Daily Mail:

Just six days after he was ousted from Fox News after more than two decades at the network, Bill O’Reilly is getting back on the airwaves.

But the controversial former Factor host is trading the confines of his old studio for his own podcast, No Spin News.

The 67-year-old put up a plug for the podcast on his personal Saturday night, with an image at the top of the page showing him, along with the caption: ‘no spin news returns.’

It then has the date, April 24, and 7pm.

The podcast is available to ‘premium subscribers’ on his website. A premium membership costs $49.95 per year.

Listings for previous episodes suggest the podcast had been O’Reilly’s way to delve deeper into the sort of issues he often opined about on his show.

Recent episodes include the topics of: Donald Trump’s Twitter account, the Syrian conflict, Susan Rice, the Supreme Court, the mainstream media, global warming, and America’s ‘PC culture’.

The former host posted this picture on his website, advertising a new episode of his podcast for this Monday night

Bill, like many other news personalities, has long maintained his own network online, with a subscription-based website with plenty of content via blogs and podcasts.

He also has made a mint with bestselling books. While being fired from Fox News is no picnic, he is positioned to continue his career discussing the news — even expanding his base by reaching out to new audiences online, that don’t give a crap about Fox.

Fox News? They will have to limp along without their longest running and most successful news program. While rising stars like Tucker Carlson might fill the void, the drop in viewership will be noticeable.

Nobody is defending Bill for any inappropriate comments he may have made. But it’s clear that he worked to settle the issue and move on. A company that cares about its staff would have defended Bill, despite attacks from obviously liberal critics.

Yet, much like how the BBC abandoned their most popular Top Gear hosts and lost millions of supporters, Fox News is shooting itself in the foot.

Perhaps this is the end of Fox News. Only time will tell how much it’ll hurt them.

Source: Daily Mail

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