Americans Horrified To Discover What These Secret Caves Are Being Used For, It’s Not What You Think!

The war in Syria has taken an almost incalculable toll on the country.

As people — safe from the horrors of the war — bicker and complain about it, the people of Syria continue to suffer from both the threats of the rebels and the brutality of their own president.

Conflicts have destroyed many towns and cities, driving people out of the nation. The current migrant crisis in Europe is a direct result of the ongoing fighting, as citizens flee to safer lands.

Those that stay behind are faced with terrible consequences. ISIS and the rebels target civilians, abusing them and using them as human shields.

To make matters worse we frequently learn about attacks by President Assad against his own people, inexplicably targeting and killing civilians.

This week saw a horrifying attack on a hospital, where banned chemical weapons were used to kill women, children, and babies.

While this attack brought swift retaliation from President Trump, it highlights the growing dangers of a war torn country: not even the hospitals are safe.

So those who remain in Syria are forced to take extreme actions in order to preserve life.

From Fox News:

Underground hospitals were a staple during World War II, to protect patients and medical personnel from aerial bombardment.

Seven decades on, such secret, makeshift health care centers are crucial to the survival of Syrian civilians – and more are in the planning process as the 6-year-old war drags on and hospitals are targeted.

“There are no functional hospitals in and around Idlib,” Dr. Khaled Al Milaji of Syria told Fox News. “So we use whatever we can – basements of abandoned buildings, villas, little rooms and caves.”

There are currently two functioning underground medical facilities in opposition-controlled parts of Syria.

Neither photographs nor disclosure of the locations are allowed. One is deep in the desert of eastern Hama and another is in southern Idlib.

The coordinates of a third, partly submerged facility in Hama was said to have been compromised last week and subsequently came under attack, with several witnesses saying chlorine-laden barrel bombs were dropped.


The attack claimed the life of Dr. Ali Darwish, a prominent Syrian orthopedic surgeon who collapsed after refusing to leave his patient even as gas swarmed underground rooms.

Fox News is told Darwish was taken out, but died on the way to the Turkish border for further treatment.

Much is going on in Syria that we just don’t know about. The fighting rages from all sides, meanwhile innocent people are dying.

These underground hospitals are a desperate attempt at providing care, but even they under constant threat.

As the war continues to rage, more and more of the world will suffer. Europe is already facing the consequences of the war. More will as well, including the U.S., unless the conflict comes to close.

But considering that both the rebels and Syrian government are resorting to dirty tactics, a resolution might be far from happening.

Source: Fox News

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