President Trump Just Dropped Awesome News On Mainstream Media And Liberals Couldn’t Be More Pissed!

If you’re lucky, you got to see the great press conference that our President Donald Trump held today. If you didn’t, you’re still in luck, because I posted a video of it below for your viewing pleasure.

In true Trump-like fashion the president told it straight, with no chaser. The media has been using their reporting skills and influence to try to distract Americans from a terrifying amount of illegal leaks that have been coming from the White House.

Classified and confidential information has been steadily streaming into the public since President Trump has taken office, with no explanation to be found.

But the mainstream media, instead of showing concern for our national security, keeps trying to dupe Americans into thinking the Trump administration has been involved with Russia in many inappropriate ways.

And the POTUS is not having it! Just watch this video of the press conference to see for yourself! You’ll be happy you did.



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