Look Who Just Pled Guilty To Child Enslavement Of 2 Kids

It is the highest responsibility for a parent to look after their children.

Above all else, they must ensure they are clothed, fed, and protected. So, it is especially troubling to learn about caretakers who are not only neglecting their children, but are actively exploiting them.

Yet such was the case for this New York couple and the poor children living in their home.

From Western Journalism:

A New York City coupled has pleaded guilty to enslaving two children from South Korea, prosecutors announced on Wednesday.

Fifty-four-year old Jeong Taek Lee and his wife Sook Yeon Park, 50, took a brother and sister, ages 8 and 11, into their home in 2010…

Rather than properly caring for the children, as they promised, the Queens couple allegedly pocketed $100,000 in funds for the children’s support and forced them to work in and outside the home, the Daily Mail reported…

WNBC reported, “From April 2013 to January 2016, the girl was forced to work various after-school jobs, including at a grocery store, a nail salon and a restaurant, and as a babysitter, handing all her wages over to the couple, court documents show…”

Despite taking the children’s money, the couple did not even provide a bed for them. The boy slept on a bedroom floor and the girl in the floor of a closet.

Now, you might not be aware of this, but $100,000 dollars is a good amount of money. Two adults, working full-time, could easily supply for the needs for themselves and two children, without that extra cash.

That $100,000 could go a long way in providing health insurance, a home or car, or even saved up for college tuition.

Which makes it even more shocking to discover the couple was pocketing that money and forcing the children to work! What was this couple doing all day? What were they doing with that money?

And why were there businesses employing children who were obviously too young to work?

A lot about this case stinks to high heaven. Not only does this couple deserve punishment, but the people in the community who were exploiting these kids need to be held accountable too.

The girl worked at a grocery store, nail salon, restaurant, and as a babysitter. Maybe authorities should be looking into those places as well.

Sounds to me like there are more than a few businesses breaking the law in New York.

Source: Western Journalism

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