Michelle Obama Just Dropped The Best News Conservatives Have Ever Heard

For conservatives, the phrase ‘I’ve got the best news you’ll ever hear today!’ doesn’t really turn any heads. After all, we get good news all the time – we run the House, the Senate, and the White House. It’s like a Good News factory, day in and day out.

So if something makes us turn and listen, it’s got to be exceptionally good news. But, as it happens, I have just that news. And it should make conservatives completely confident of two full terms with Trump.

Because, as it happens, Michelle Obama isn’t going to run for office. Which means the Democrats are completely – completely – out of options for 2020.

At this point, they may as well try getting Michael Moore to run.

From CNN:

Former first lady Michelle Obama said she would never run for political office because she “wouldn’t ask my children to do this again.”

In her first speech since leaving the White House, she told an audience at the America Institute of Architecture convention in Orlando that being in the White House was tough on her family.

Mind you, we’ve heard this kind of talk from Democrats before – liars lie all the time, even about running or not running for office – but there’s reason to believe Michelle is telling the truth.

(In which case, thank Almighty God. Because anyone who thinks this is a good, healthy meal is clearly unfit to run anything. Much less the entire country. Seriously.)

Michelle’s reason for staying out of politics is simple – her kids. And I think she’s telling the truth, because, given her kids’ behavior, she’s already got her work cut out for her.

After all, if one of your daughters is caught drinking underage at a club, and threatening journalists, you’ve probably got some work to do at home. In contrast, ask yourselves how much trouble any of the Trumps have gotten into lately.

Michelle was truly one of the last-ditch options the Democrats had. As the Conservative Tribune pointed out:

Speculation that Obama might run started after her speech at the Democratic National Convention — because apparently Democrats’ standards are so low that they will rally behind anyone who can speak coherently in front of a crowd.

The Democrats truly have no idea who their leader is at the moment. The Obamas aren’t interested in leading, the Clintons are too old and irrelevant, and no one else in the party has anywhere close to the name recognition they need.

We’re smooth sailing for 2020, folks. The adults are in charge.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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