Trump Just Got A MASSIVE Warning From A Terrorist Group – What’s He Going To DO?!

History repeats itself. Just not usually this quickly, or this deadly. Because no one expected the Benghazi debacle to happen again so soon.

For good and angry conservatives, there’s no need for a quick rehash of Hillary’s negligent legacy.

But if you’ve forgotten, the terror attacks at the US embassy in Benghazi, Libya – the attacks which killed four brave Americans in brutal fashion – weren’t a big surprise.

There were plenty of warning signs. And only great fools or uncaring leftists could possibly have ignored them.

It’s happening again. This time, though, our president isn’t ignoring the situation. And this time, it’s in Egypt.

The Conservative Tribune reports:

The U.S. Embassy in Cairo, Egypt, which lies roughly 1,200 miles from the consulate compound in Benghazi, Libya, hit by a terror attack five years ago, issued a statement last Wednesday warning of a potential terror attack by an organization known as the Hassm Group.

“The embassy is aware of a potential threat posted on a website by the Hassm group, a known terrorist organization, suggesting some kind of unspecified action this evening,” the statement read. “The embassy has no further information about this potential threat but is in contact with Egyptian authorities.”

It’s worth noting that Hillary’s Benghazi scandal started off just this same way – a group of scattered warnings, which slowly built up into the attack on the embassy. Those who refuse to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat it.

The embassy offered only one word of advice:

“U.S. citizens should continue to follow sound security practices and adhere to the security guidelines provided in the Travel Warning for Egypt issued by the State Department on December 23, 2016.”

A few things are worth noting:

First, the fact that the embassy is already issuing warnings tells me that Trump is already aware of the situation, and outlining strategies for whatever threat is coming.

Even if the advice at this stage is vague, the fact is this: ‘keep watch, and be careful’ is still a sign that a president is tuned in to what is happening, and prepared to respond. That’s way more than Obama ever did, or tried to do.

Second, the fact that the embassy is already in contact with the Egyptian government tells me that Trump is taking diplomatic steps to prevent anything from even happening. Proactive work often saves a lot of labor. Or, in this case, lives.

Third: Trump is not Obama. Take comfort in that.

And keep watching as this story develops.

Source: Conservative Tribune

(ISIS must be destroyed.)

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