You Won’t Believe Who The President Just Won Over, 3 Major Trump Haters Are Now Singing His Praises

The liberal media may be attacking Trump. But real people are getting won over.

Despite all the lies they spread about our president, those who work with him are impressed by what they see.

Even detractors and former critics are won over. These three big names, though, might come as a surprise.

From Conservative Tribune:

The CEOs of Apple, Google and Amazon offered praise for Donald Trump after a meeting with the president at the White House on Monday, Breitbart reported.

According to The Hill, the meeting was a brainstorming session for Jared Kushner’s Office of American Innovation, which seeks in part to modernize the federal government through technology…

In the aftermath of the meeting, the three CEOs came out with praise for the president.

“I’m absolutely convinced that during your administration there is going to be a huge explosion of new opportunities because of the platforms that are getting built in our industry,” Google’s Schmidt told the president.

Google's Eric Schmidt predicts the future of computing - and he plans ...

Schmidt said that “huge” growth due to entrepreneurship, immigration and skilled workers was “going to happen soon during your leadership…”

Apple’s Tim Cook also offered support for the administration’s efforts to streamline government.

“The U.S. should have the most modern government in the world, and today it doesn’t,” Cook said. He advocated a citizen-centric focus for how the federal government works.

Google’s Schmidt, Amazon’s Bezos, and Apple’s Cook all had glowing things to say about the president after their meeting.

That is a surprising turn around. Leaders of Silicon Valley and the tech industry were strong supporters of Hillary Clinton during the campaign. Most of them openly criticized or attacked Donald Trump.

No doubt Clinton’s plans to give big businesses freedom to outsource and drive jobs out of the country appealed to the tech world. It would have helped them save money and make it harder for smaller companies to rival their monopolies.

Yet today they have good things to say about Trump. Why? Perhaps it’s because Trump promised to update and improve U.S. government information technology. Or perhaps he promised to include these leaders in future economic discusses.

But bottom line: they were impressed by a man who is a true leader.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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