OMG! Look Who Just Joined Forces With Russia Over The U.S. Strike On Syria

Last week saw yet another chemical attack against the citizens of Syria by their dictator Assad.

The attack against women and children, including the destruction of a hospital, was so egregious that it motivated President Trump to take action.

He instructed U.S. forces to strike one of Assad’s airbases in an effort to destroy his chemical weapons cache, a cache the dictator claimed no longer existed.

Critics have been quick to judge Trump for his actions. I doubt they’d feel the same way if they were victims of such terrible chemical weapons.

But Trump and Secretary of State Tillerson made it clear that the United States would not tolerate such reckless and evil actions against innocent civilians.

The situation in Syria is beyond complex. Not only is the government fighting against several rebel groups, but outside nations have interest in the country as well.

That includes the rogue, America-hating state of Iran. Iran considered Syria one of its territories, so it stands to reason they would not like U.S. intervention, even if it’s to protect civilians.

So it comes as no surprise that the tyrants of Iran would spew empty rhetoric against the U.S., in light of the recent missile strike.

From Daily Mail:

Iran has called on Syria to ‘make Americans regret their attack’ after Russia warned Donald Trump there will be a military response if the US strikes at Assad again.

President Hassan Rouhani accused the US of not acting ‘within international frameworks’ before condemning America’s surprise bombardment of a Syrian airbase.

It comes after both Russian and Iranian forces warned Trump they would retaliate with military action if the US President launched more strikes against Bashar al-Assad’s forces.

Rouhani said: ‘Americans have never acted within international frameworks, and one instance is the sanctions they impose against Iran, unreasonably considering themselves as the world’s leader.

‘The Syrian people and army must give a response (to the US) that makes Americans regret their attack.’

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani (pictured today) has accused the US of not acting 'within international frameworks' before condemning America's surprise bombardment on a Syrian airbase

Big words, coming from a country that regularly chants, “Death to America.”

Where was Iran’s outrage when innocent children, babies, were gassed to death by Assad?

Why does Iran now banter on about rules and “international frameworks” (whatever those are) when America responds?

Shouldn’t Rouhani be just as upset about the chemical weapons attack?

Those weren’t dissidents or rebels being hit, but families and children. It was a violation of numerous international rules about warfare.

Yet Russia and Iran show their true colors after American responds.

Trump’s strike targeted a base, purposefully avoiding people, simply to cripple Assad’s chemical weapons. Iran’s outrage proves they are upset that weapons were destroyed.

But human life? They can care less.

All of his rhetoric is empty and pointless. He ignores the reality that the Syria war is costing countless, civilian lives.

Rouhani, Russia, and other outside forces simply want to exploit the madness for their own gain. The fact that the U.S. is finally intervening to bring an end to the war jeopardizes their plans, plain and simple.

Don’t be surprised if U.S. intervention cleans up this problem in a matter of months. It’s obvious forces like Russia and Iran have been drawing out the conflict for their own gain. But those days are over.

Source: Daily Mail

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