Kim Jong-un Should Be Really Worried About What America Has Coming Straight For Him

Recently we’ve been hearing more about Kim Jong-un’s plans for war.

It seems like Lil’ Kim is itching to start a fight with the big dogs. But clearly, he is writing checks his nation can’t cash.

Now it seems like one of the most deadly and effective fighting forces in the world have their sights on this man. Uh-oh.

From IJR:

The elite Navy SEAL Team 6 group responsible for taking out al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden now has a special mission that should give nuclear-crazed North Korean madman Kim Jong Un pause.

As reported by U.K. publication The Times, the SEAL team is training up a special assassination squad formed by South Korea to take out Kim Jong Un in the event war should break out.

The SEALs were given the mission of training the South Korean commandos, which are additionally tasked with taking out “command and control” systems, according to the report.

The South Korean defense minister announced the plan and said he believes his country can “create the unit by December 1.”

South Korea made the announcement after North Korea’s reported testing of a hydrogen bomb on Sunday.

You don’t want to mess with SEAL Team 6. Let me say that again: You DON’T want to mess with SEAL Team 6.

The Navy SEAL’s are some of the most effective, and highly-trained military personnel on the planet. Perhaps the most skilled. All U.S. military are the best in the world, so that should tell you something about this elite squad.

SEAL Team 6 is famous for doing the impossible: finding and killing the most notorious terrorist in the 21st century. If they want to find Kim, they’re going to find him.

Now we know they are sharing their special knowledge and tactics with an elite group of South Korean troops. Oh snap! That’s like a Tyrannosaurus having babies with a dragon. They will only produce more deadly and effective troops.

Kim Jong-un is most likely well-guarded and watched. But that won’t be a problem. Should war break out, these elite Navy SEAL’s will get to him, make no mistake.

This news should be enough to settle down Lil’ Kim for good.

Source: IJR

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