Joanna Gaines Swears By This 1 Item For Her Spring Cleaning, And You Have It In Your Kitchen!

The best housekeeping tip of the year turned out to be the simplest thing I could have imagined.

Mind you, as a guy, my housekeeping expertise is pretty much limited to throwing all the clothes I find into the washing machine, on hot, with plenty of bleach. Which, as it turns out, isn’t ideal for any clothing not colored white.

So I listen to experts who know a lot more than me. And Joanna Gaines is one of them. The conservative warrior and Fixer Upper star knows a lot about both building houses, and maintaining them.

And her advice for keeping a house clean? Even one with children, and laundry, and muddy puddles?

Easy – take a deep breath, save a day for cleaning, and throw away nearly everything you can find.

Which is why you need the five trash bags.

Liftable reports:

Gaines needs to “get in the zone” in order to accomplish her extensive, yet doable, list of [cleaning] tasks.

She turns on music, lights a candle, puts on an apron, and gathers all her cleaning supplies in one place. She mentally prepares by reminding herself how great it feels to have a clean home.

Before any of the actual cleaning begins, she grabs five trash bags.

She goes around her house with the intention of finding enough “stuff” with which to fill the five trash bags. These items are things that her family was not using or wearing.

She wrote, “If you don’t love it, toss it. Trash anything that is broken and serves no purpose and donate items to local shelters and you’ll feel much better before you even start.”

That last part is my favorite – ‘if you don’t love it, toss it.’

Fact is, we can quickly accumulate so much junk in our daily lives that we forget that the whole point of owning anything is because we really love owning that particular thing.

And if owning something is a burden, rather than a pleasure, well, the answer is simple – throw it out.

Gaines is on to something here. I’ve tried this at home myself, and it works.

Although I needed eight trash bags.

Source: Liftable

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