WHOA! You Won’t Believe Who Just Got Indicted In ‘Modern Day Sex Slave’ Ring

One thing never changes – when there’s money involved, a human being can be a disgusting, cruel creature. And he won’t be alone.

Human trafficking is a very serious problem, and it’s not going away anytime soon. And no matter how much law enforcement might increase its effort, there’s always going to be one more organization hidden in the shadows. If the profit is there, the evil will follow.

Law enforcement just found one more of those organizations. But it’s not just a few guys, mind you.

No, this one is spread across the entire US. And at least 21 people have been arrested.

Which, considering how these guys have to stay under the radar, is a lot of people. This was a big operation.

The New York Times reports:

Law enforcement authorities on Thursday announced federal sex-trafficking conspiracy charges against 21 people, part of what they described as one of the most elaborate and extensive sex-trafficking operations they had seen.

The operation had gone on for at least eight years, netted tens of millions of dollars, and involved hundreds of women who were shuttled among American cities, sometimes every few weeks, the officials said.

Most of the women were from Thailand, which is no surprise. Thailand, if you’re not familiar, has one of the highest levels of prostitution in the world. And that includes child prostitution.

So offering young women the chance to get into the US by being prostitutes? Well, beats being at home. And hey – you’ll be able to work off your ticket price, and then you’ll be free! And have a legitimate visa!

But, of course, as soon as they arrive, they find that the conditions of their ‘deals’ change quite a lot.

The women were required to work as prostitutes in cities all over this country until they could pay off exorbitant “bondage debts,” set as high as $60,000, to the very people who had promised them better lives.

The debts only increase, of course. Groceries? Oh, that’s added to your debt. Plastic surgery? Added to your debt. Clothes? Debt, of course.

It’s a mind-control technique – keep on making your victims believe that their freedom is right around the corner, and they will keep working for you, trying hard to earn that last dollar.

But that last dollar is never, ever going to come.

And the people cashing in on this evil scam were everywhere.

Among those indicted were the people owed the bondage debts … “house bosses” in cities like Austin, Tex.; Chicago; Dallas; and Los Angeles … money launderers … and facilitators, who took care of details like flying the women from city to city.

The organization was big, but it’s just one. There will always be more. This evil can only be eradicated with God himself.

I hope he hurries up.

Source: New York Times

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